Who We Are

Katherine was born in Auburn, Alabama and went on to graduate from Auburn's architecture and interior design school. She did multifamily residential and condo designing for a few years. She then opened her own high end college dorm room business. After starting a family, Katherine has settled on working in residential design in Homewood, Alabama.

Growing up in Decatur, Alabama living in only houses that her father has built, Allison has truly grown up in the business. She then went on to own a glass company. After studying industrial design in Auburn, Allison began working with her brother, Jason Hale...from there, a business was born. Over the next few years, Jason started Willow construction company which allowed for the natural beginning of Willow Design Studios. We want to give our clients the full package from concept to finishing touches.

Jackie is from Demopolis, Alabama. She joined Willow Design Studios in July 2017. Jackie attended Auburn University with a degree in Communication and an emphasis in Marketing. After college, Jackie decided to pursue her life-long passion of Interior Design, which led her to Willow Design Studios. Jackie began her career in 2013, with an Atlanta-based Interior Design and Art Consultant firm.